Help Me Win A Trip Around the World!

Hello Friends!  

Pretty much everyday, I am hyper-excited and enthusiastic about life, but what I feel right now is on an entirely different level.  Today, my SOUL feels like it’s on fire.  A good kind of fire.

Travelocity is having a contest for a TRIP AROUND THE WORLD, something I have always wanted to do… and something that I will do.  The key here, my friends, is that it’s a $65,000 trip for FREE to the lucky winner.  Will you help that lucky winner to be me?

I have a world map the size of a wall in my apartment…. it keeps me focused on my dreams everyday!

Here’s all you need to do:


****Click on VOTE & Under CAST YOUR VOTE click on “Recent” & I’m at the TOP: The video is titled “Gnome, Let’s Roam-Texas Style!” (posted by AshleyC. on Oct. 8th to help you find it.)

You can (and please do!) vote EVERYDAY from now until October 27th!  That is when the voting stops.  The top voted upon videos will be finalists, and from there Travelocity picks one person!  I see life with opportunity, and I think anything is possible….so here we go! Thank you for your support- here is the YOU TUBE of the video so you know what you’re looking for when you go vote!

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