Waking Up To Lisboa

The sun is streaming through the windows of my room in my quaint and artsy boutique hotel room at Shiado, overlooking onto colorful red-tiled roofs that this city is known for.  The building is most likely older than America itself; Lisbon is a mosaic of a city steeped in history that pre-dates the Roman times and was followed by Mooric possession in the mere 700’s.  No, there isn’t ‘1’ before that.

The view from my bedroom windows at this quaint little Shiado hostel

Although I have only been here for a day, I am captivated by this city with tight, winding alleyways and a light, loving spirit.

The view of Lisbon and the Sao Jorge Castle

Whenever I travel to a new place, especially when I’m by myself, my adrenaline kicks in before I go.  Will I sleep on the flight? (probably not). Will I have problems getting to my hostel and navigating directions? (it’s possible).  Will I find people who speak English who can help me? (of course).  As soon as I step off the plane, change my money and go to the airport pharmacy to buy some toothpaste, any lingering anxiety I have is put to rest. Buying toothpaste in a new country, for whatever reason, makes me a bit giddy.  It is always so unique and representative of the place that I’m in.  I just might start a toothpaste collection from my travels, now that I think about it.

This is definitely collection-worthy, don’t you think?

Although I had only slept for two hours on the red-eye flight, I arrived feeling somewhat refreshed and ready to go and explore this colorful city.  After checking into my hostel, and having met a fun Colombian turned-New Yorker in the immigration line who had just a few hours to spend in Lisbon before heading to Seville, I had a new friend and we decided to first see Lisbon by bus.  I usually don’t take tour buses, but I found it to be the perfect way to spend my first day here.  I was able to get an overview of the layout of the city, see different areas and really get a feel for things so I would have a better idea of how to explore it in my following two days.

My new friend, Andrea, and I totally rocked the top floor of the double-decker. It brings so much of the city to light and is a great way to learn its history and really get a feel for it!

Time multiplies when I travel.  I’ve only been here for one day and I have an entirely new life experience and stories to tell.  I’ll get to those stories soon, but for now, it’s time to go explore- stay tuned!

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2 Responses to Waking Up To Lisboa

  1. Laura says:

    Why Lisboa, and what made you book a last minute flight? Very cool Ashley, have fun and stay safe!

    • Ashley Castle says:

      Hi Laura! I’ve never been to Portugal and it’s one of the last countries in Western Europe that I haven’t been so– I also just had heard some wonderful things a bout this city. I booked it last minute b/c Memorial Day weekend plans fell through and I’ve been itching to go on a trip! Loving it- thanks!

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