Sushi & A Full Heart

Feelings of gratitude and compassion filled me as my sweet sushi delivery man just came up to my door to bring me my seaweed salad and brown rice rainbow roll at 11:03 on this rainy, Sunday night.

He was drenched from head-to-toe, wearing a navy blue parka and holding my sushi in a plastic bag so wet that water droplets fell from it as I gave the bag a nice shake, like I was shaking out an umbrella.

I tipped him well and thanked him, and smiled at me and gave me a respectful bow.  Gave me a bow?  I closed my door and sit here wondering how this man could be so cheerful and so gracious.  Here he was, bringing another person food at 11pm at night in the pouring rain, a person who was audacious enough to order for delivery knowing full-well that it would cause him to go back into the sloppy, mushy city.  I’m sure his pants and feet were soaked.

I wonder if he has a wife and kids at home waiting for him, as I sit and eat my sushi.  He spoke very little English, and I wonder what his life has been like and what his journey to America to seek a better life has looked like.  Where does he live and have to return home to tonight in the rain?  He can’t live close to where he works, in these brick and mortar buildings that rent for thousands each month….

I think of my ancestors who came from dire situations to seek the freedom and prosperity that we all seek.  I hope that one day his children or his grandchildren are sitting on a University campus and can somehow understand the sacrifice that their father or grandfather made for them to have a better life.

They will never know that he delivered sushi to a brown-haired, amber-eyed woman in the pouring rain on this April night and the impact that it made on her heart.  If I were in his place, I can pretty much tell you that I would not be happy about it.  I was born into privilege and even though it wasn’t into the privilege of some, I expect many things.  I never thought twice about if I would go to college- it was what college I would be attending.

Thank you, great-grandfather and grandmother, grandmother and grandfather, mom and dad– for all working so hard to give me the life I have.  And thank you, sweet sushi man, for helping me to realize my gratitude.  I pray prosperity and goodness over your life and your family and am thankful for what you showed me tonight through your kindness.

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