A Cheeky Bum

Summer is definitely on its way.  It was 80 degrees today in New York City, sidewalk cafes are open, and girls were wearing dresses with wedges.  But more telling of summer’s impending approach is the Victoria’s Secret swimsuit edition that I received in the mail on Friday.  I love and hate that issue in equal measure.  It’s always a kick in the tail to get in shape for denim cutoffs and bikinis.

I’ve always wanted to order the ‘cheeky bottom bum‘- you know, the Brazilian cut that you have to pretty much have a flawless ass for.  I’ve determined that this is the year.  Why not?  I’m thirty and feeling fabulous, and I’m itching to get to South America as soon as I can figure out when to go, so my tail-end needs to be ready at all times…

Cheeky is so fun! Who wouldn't want to go cheeky this summer?

Sometimes I feel like I ebb and flow too much or that I’m always on a ‘kick.’- ie, no sugar for 30 days in January, a cleanse here or there… but in reality, I’m just always trying to balance and get back to center.  The truth is that I’d love to eat clean all of the time, but I easily get distracted.  So for me, a detox isn’t anything fanatic- it’s simply a ‘re-setting’ of my body’s computer to get my focus  back to living the well life that I desire to lead.

There are many types of cleanses or detoxes- juice fasts, the “master cleanse” and the paleo diet are all hot topics right now.  Many people are curious about what I do when I go on a period of cleansing, so here it is:

* I eliminate dairy, sugar, most meat and gluten from my diet, as well as most alcohol.   With living in  New York, it’s sometimes unrealistic to give it up entirely, so I may allow myself a glass of wine here or there.

So then, what can I eat?

* Organic fruits and veggies, lean meats and fish, nuts (within reason, I have to watch myself here), grains like brown rice and quinoa, eggs and dried fruit without added sugar for a treat (dried Mango is my favorite), although I try to keep it to a minimum because of its high sugar content, albeit naturally-sourced.

So, what does a normal day look like?

* Breakfast: either an Arbonne protein shakewith organic fruit and unsweetened almond milk blended into it, or brown rice cereal with organic blueberries and a serving of walnuts

My favorites, especially because I don't have time to make eggs with sauteed spinach on weekday mornings!

* Lunch: usually a salad with an egg and/or salmon, chickpeas or lentils and lots of veggies

* Dinner: brown rice sushi and seaweed salad or some kind of lean meat and fish, or a vegetarian option

I also drink Arbonne’s detox tea morning and night, a gentle blend of herbs that helps to cleanse the kidneys, liver and other organs; I have 2 Arbonne energy tabs a day (pomegranate is my favorite) that are sweetened with stevia, a plant-based sweetener, and caffeinated by green tea; and 7 of the 10 days I’ll drink the Arbonne cleanse, a formula with different algaes and  sea botanicals to gently but thoroughly cleanse the body and help it to function at its best.

All of my Arbonne goodies!

Tonight, I cut up a young Thai coconut, available at Whole Foods for only $3.99.  I love getting my own coconut water, and the meat inside is so tasty and high in nutrients- I eat it as a treat, but you could also put it in smoothies.  If you’re interested in learning how to cut one up, this is a great instructional video.

A Young Thai Coconut, ready to be cut

I'm kind of obsessed with how this little tip just pops right off- it's perfection!

The finished product, the coconut water and the coconut meat!

Enjoy these tips, and here’s to a healthy week full of confidence and inspiration!  I’ll keep you posted with great tips and recipes, as well as with my results!  My guess is that my body will let go of 5-6 pounds of stuff it doesn’t want or need in the coming 10 days– cheeky bum, here I come!


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