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Rock it Like a Kardashian, Damnit.

Yesterday, I had a flash realization of sorts- an inspiring epiphany kind of moment- while sitting on the bright green spring grass in my bikini enjoying the 73 degrees hitting my skin.   Whether or not global warming is causing this … Continue reading

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Escapades of New York Brunching

In New York, brunch is not just brunch.  It is a way of life here, a Saturday and Sunday tradition, a weekly reunion, a 2-day high. Planned or unplanned, good company and fantastic food abounds in the city that never … Continue reading

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I Felt Chill Bumps in My Toes

Beads of sweat dripped down my temple, splashing on the black plastic below.  I rubbed my forehead with a damp towel, turned another page in the newest addition of my AFAR magazine and continued my trek up what felt like … Continue reading

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A Taste of Home

What do you get when you put Pat Green and a bunch of rowdy Texans who now reside in New York together for Texas Independence Day?  A hell of a good time. I love being from Texas.  As much as … Continue reading

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