My Quest for Sugar Freedom: Day One

Day 1 is a total tease.

It’s a tease because anything is easy when you’re only 8 hours in.  Seriously- if I can’t make it 8 hours without eating sugar, I am in quite a bind.

I already knew this, but everything has sugar.  Many times I just selectively choose to ignore it.  The average American consumes 2-3 pounds of sugar a week.  That is disgusting.  Of course, that stat lowers significantly if you’re not guzzling 8 soft drinks that are full of sugar and/or chemicals a day.  And if you are, we need to talk.

Not only can it erode rust from car batteries and clean hard to remove stains, it's also a bevergage- YUM!

I went for my daily snack of apple and peanut butter at my office.  At home I eat natural peanut butter from Whole Foods, but let’s face it: my company doesn’t do their shopping at Whole Foods, so we have Skippy.  Its first ingredient: peanuts.  Yippy Skippy!  Second ingredient: sugar. What-oh.   And its third: hydrogenated vegetable oil.  That sounds as disgusting for the body as it actually is.  So is there a solution?  Of course there is.  My favorite ‘nut butters’ are Justin’s.  If you haven’t tried them, do it.  You’ll taste the difference.  Their classic Peanut Butter has no sugar.  What a novel idea!

Justin's Peanut Nut Butter

While I’m on ‘good finds,’ let me share another product that I know will be a ‘go to’ for these next 30 days sans sugar, and hopefully far beyond.  It’s Day 1.  No promises yet beyond the 30.

The Good Stuff: NibMore Chocolate

NibMor will be my chocolate savior.  It’s organic, vegan, gluten and dairy free and with no refined sugar.  The first time I had it, I thought it tasted like choco-cardboard.  But, that was because I was so used to over-sweetened, nasty ingredients.  The ingredients in this chocolate couldn’t get better: organic cacao, organic agave, coconut oil, sea salt…. I’ve found that I like it even more when it’s frozen.  And here’s an idea: a dollop of Justin’s Peanut Butter spread atop a square of NibMor.  Do I feel a healthy peanut butter cup  coming on?  I think so!

Now, let me be honest.  Would I rather have BlueBell Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream?  Of course.  And I won’t try to delude myself or you into thinking I wouldn’t.  But I’m hoping with some healthy distance from my white crystalline habit, my ‘tastes will change’ likethey” say.   Maybe it can happen for me?  Here’s to hoping.

I love you Blue Bell: but your high fructose corn syrup has to go

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2 Responses to My Quest for Sugar Freedom: Day One

  1. Rinniez says:

    Planning on going sugar free very soon, just trying to learn as much about sugar and its impact and how to heathily cut it out first of all. Have you read any good books, websites, magazines etc. on the topic that you can share? 🙂 xx

    • Ashley Castle says:

      Hi there, thanks for your response! Sugar is something that is such a huge part of the American diet, in that it’s in everything, that we’re all too addicted to it, I believe. I have done a lot of research over the years – one of my favorite foods is SuperFoods RX. It focuses on eating the good things and what that will do for your body and health, not just focusing on what you ‘can’t’ or shouldn’t eat. I’ve found it really helpful. I also have a PDF of something I could send you if you’ll send your email address. Finally, there’s a link in my post from a couple of days ago that shows all of the symptoms/diseases that sugar can lead to- overall, refined foods are just not good for us and weren’t a part of peoples’ diets 100 years ago like they are now. What we put in is what we get out… yet we wonder why we have so much disease? I applaud you on your quest for a healthier life!

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