City of Lights

It’s been slightly over 2 months since I’ve written, which means it’s been just over 2 months since I returned home from Australia and started life again in the glorious city of New York.

Rockefeller Center, NYC

I absolutely love New York at Christmastime.  Despite all of the crowds an congestion, there is a feeling of magic walking through the streets of the Village and all around the city, with its sparkling lights and shoppers.  Perhaps its because I grew up watching movies that took place in New York around Christmastime and now it is my reality: going ice skating in Central Park, seeing the tree at Rockefeller, looking out my window right now as I write this and seeing the Chrysler building magnificently lit up.

Amidst the hustle and bustle....

I do miss the hot Australian sun on my skin, though.  I miss waking up and having each day be uncharted and new, and  I love the freedom it brings to my spirit.  When I was in Australia, I had no itineraries, no set plans, no 6:45 a.m. spin class that I had to be at so I could make it to work on time, no hustle and bustle… just sand and blue skies.  Sunsets, beers, friends, calm.  Today, I wish I could transport myself to my nightly sunset runs along the coast of Byron Bay.

On a nightly run along the Byron Bay coast...

On the trail that I would run everyday on the way up to the lighthouse. Goodness I miss this view...

One of the biggest gifts of travel is how it allows you to step outside of your normal life and set off on an uncharted journey.  A journey where new lessons are learned constantly, unexpected stories arise and new friends are made.  I need to have both in my life: the assurance that constancy brings, as well as the flight of the soul that takes place when I don’t have a plan in the world.


So as I walk the streets on this cold winters eve, fragrant with the smell of hot candied peanuts that adorn each city block, the horns and bustle bring a different kind of comfort.  As the fog rests deeply into this city of lights tonight, shrouding her into its thickness and giving her a soft glow, and as I long for the hot Australian sun to drench my skin and for the waves to beckon my soul, I am still so happy to be home.

Our festive West Village apartment at Christmastime Skating at Bryant Park

Skating at Bryant Park

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One Response to City of Lights

  1. tis true and beautiful, ashley. love your hat in the hustle and bustle pic!

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